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Jonathan Lu
  • University of California Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ‘11
  • Stanford University Ph.D ‘19
  • Former Google-X Startup

It is important for young students to make an investment in their education. It is sometimes difficult to stay motivated but putting time and energy in learning will open many doors. Being an educated member of society, means you will have the confidence and freedom to pursue whatever career you desire. Having a strong math, science, and liberal arts background not only helps you in school and in your career, but more importantly, improves logic and critical thinking ability that would assist in life. Spending time on this is a long term investment, not a short term one. Working hard in school is a great start.

Enrichment programs like Miltan Academy are also beneficial to providing young students a good foundation in math and humanities before they continue on in their careers in college and beyond. Miltan also provides several scholarships (Cum Laude) for students each year as they believe that a student’s financial situation should not hinder them from getting an education that everyone deserves. Find your passion in life and what excites you, and take the steps to get yourself there. It’s never too late or too early.

Kevin Wang
  • Stanford University MS&E’17
  • ex-Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • ex-UBS
  • (현) Goldman Sachs Analyst

Sam Moon is a precocious leader, academic, and intellectual. As his former roommate at Stanford and fellow classmate in the Economics department, I witnessed his abilities as an incredibly impressive student and earnest educator. He has an unrelentless determination to always do his best. In large 500-people lectures, he would frequently be the one sitting up front, asking questions to the Professor and constantly being engaged. Whether we’re engaged in study groups or at office hours tackling assignments, he consistently exerts great empathy and clarity in explaining and clarifying difficult concepts. Well-spoken and precise, juxtaposed with his calm, gentle, and patient demeanor, he is a rare person who I would entrust with the ultimate responsibility of educating the next generation of students.

Sam has experience tutoring hundreds of students, serving as a Teaching Assistant at Stanford, and leading the Stanford Daily university newspaper as an Editor. I’ve personally witnessed his feedback and critique on countless papers, problem sets, and projects— he consistently looks beyond the immediate problem to draw in the bigger picture and achieve greater insights.

Sam does not approach something purely as “a means to an end” i.e. something done only to produce a desired result. He guides his students through a process, from start to finish. His unrelenting spirit and spartan discipline are truly unmatched. A servant leader and empathic person, Sam inspires those around him to do the best that they can while being supportive, caring, and always understanding. I have no doubt that he will do his best to serve the Miltan community and its students.

B. H. Fried
  • William W. and Gertrude H. Saunders Professor of Law Stanford University

I had the pleasure of having Sam as a student in Contracts in his first year at Stanford Law School. I have been at Stanford for over thirty years now, and have taught thousands of extraordinarily able students over that time. Sam is surely that. He shone in classroom discussion and in his performance on the final exam, emerging with a grade for the course that put him in the very top cohort. But he is a lot more than that.

Education is of course about imparting knowledge that can serve as a foundation for a life of independent thought and ethical action. But it is a lot more than that. It is about helping students develop the tools to use that knowledge to leave the world a better place than they found it: a questioning mind, a thirst for understanding, the discipline to follow thoughts through to their logical conclusions, and the capacity to be self-educators for the rest of their lives. And so, for a teacher, the greatest joy of teaching doesn’t come from reading a stellar exam that demonstrates a student’s mastery of the subject. It comes from those moments of connection with a student, when something you say sparks a realization or a new way of approaching a problem, and the student takes that insight and runs with it. In classroom discussions and in office hours, Sam was that student. Because of that, I know that Sam will push out the boundaries of the possible for all of us, wherever he ultimately decides to apply his talents.

Educators are optimists at heart. We believe in the possibility of a better world, and are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to help future generations realize it.

  • 전 연세대, 한양대 교수
  • 연세대학교
  • NYU Stern (경영대학원) Oxford 경제학 박사

The world no long seeks to educate for the sole purpose of accumulating knowledge. Only those who are wise can make precise decisions, and it paves the way for leading a successful life. At Miltan Academy, I hope you gain not only knowledge but also wisdom.

  • New York University, Stern ‘11
  • University of Virginia Law ‘18
  • Former ROTC Information Officer (Deployed to Iraq)
  • 세종 법무법인 변호사

My name is Jung Hyun Suh, and I’m an American lawyer working as a Foreign Legal Consultant at Sejong Law Firm. From all the years I’ve known Sam, I can fully vouch for Sam and his exceptional abilities as a thoughtful and passionate educator. Sam is not only a successful scholar in his own right, but he also has firm educational beliefs and pursuits that will surely benefit his students. Furthermore, while witnessing Sam achieve his dreams of going to law school and becoming an attorney, I saw first-hand that he was someone who was able to turn his words into action.

Miltan Academy is more than a place of learning. It is a place that amplifies students’ potential, and the institution also strives to instill a sense of honesty and positive energy so that each and every student can become a true leader in our world. I am fully supportive of Miltan’s mission and educational capabilities, and I wish the best for Sam and everyone in the Miltan community.